More Than Skincare: Ingredients for Skin Renewal

More Than Skincare: Ingredients for Skin Renewal

There are skincare products, and then there are products that care for the skin - providing deep nourishment and soothing benefit to promote renewal. Sure, we all love a good glow, but we believe that skincare should do more than sit on top of the skin and deliver more than superficial and short term results. Think of it like food. We don’t just eat to get full. We eat to nourish ourselves, to replenish vitamins and nutrients that are used for energy, and to help our bodies recover.

In the same light, Viktor Michael is more than skincare. We have formulated products with a unique synergy of phytoactives, or plant actives, that care for the skin throughout the injection cycle, when skin is red, tender, inflamed, bruised and in recovery. After decades working in medispas, including our own practice, Kucumber Skin Lounge, we had yet to find a consciously formulated, safe and effective solution for post-injection skin. When our clients came to us asking for post-injection solutions, we recommended DIY solutions using plant actives that were proven time and time again to deliver near-immediate results. Today, these powerhouse ingredients make up our Injection Care Complex®, featured in every Viktor Michael product. We worked with a world-renowned cosmetic chemist to help us create the most potent formulas using the highest concentrations of plant actives, while remaining gentle and non-irritating. Then, we tested our formulas with a third-party dermatologist. (We passed with flying colors). But the real measure of success is seeing the results first hand. In our Consumer Perception Studies, our participants used Viktor Michael prior to injections, within a few hours after injections, and for 9 days thereafter. With 97% of participants saying that the products visibly reduced the appearance of swelling, bruising and tenderness right after injections, and 92% agreeing that these products cut their normal downtime in half, we feel 100% confident that Viktor Michael is more than skincare; it’s clinical-grade treatment products that care for your skin pre-treatment, post-injection and throughout the injection cycle.

So, what’s the secret sauce? We’ve combined four potent and proven plant oils that have been used for millennia to aid in recovery and repair. High concentrations, perfectly adjusted to work synergistically with the other actives and ingredients, is the art of our formulas. Below are the leading actives in our Injection Care Complex®:

Arnica Montana is an ancient herbal remedy to reduce the appearance of bruises and expedite wound repair and healing. At concentrations up to 15%, Arnica helps stimulate blood flow which helps both as a preventative measure, strengthening skin prior to injections, and as a remedial measure, supporting rapid renewal, alleviating pain, and reducing irritation and inflammation.

Bromelain is an enzyme derived from the stem and core of pineapple that helps loosen dead skin cells and reveal brightener, more even skin tone. The enzyme also works to reduce pain, redness and signs of inflammation, while enhancing circulation to the injured site.

Dragon’s Blood is a well known extract from the resin of the Croton Lechleri tree, first used in folk medicine to accelerate wound healing while reducing pain, inflammation and scarring. A hydroglycolic acid, it is shown to support skin renewal, improve skin barrier function and act as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It’s deep red color is what gives this oil its name.

Babassu Oil is high in anti-inflammatory auric and myristic acids and forms a hydrating barrier to protect and moisturize the skin as it heals. The silky oil transfers heat as it melts into the skin, creating a soothing, cooling effect for inflamed skin.

In each formula, our Injection Care Complex® is supported by other skin loving ingredients, like nourishing Shea Butter, purifying Kaolin Clay, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants, all in patented formulations that combine ingredients and concentrations for maximum effect. And of course, all Viktor Michael ingredients are meticulously curated to meet the exacting standards of both the EWG’s strict non-toxic scale and our highly sophisticated, conscious consumer who deserves more than just skincare.