The 4 Stages of the Injection Cycle

The 4 Stages of the Injection Cycle

If you’ve experienced any type of non-invasive cosmetic procedure, from laser treatments to micro needling to injections, you know that beauty maintenance and “aging gracefully” isn’t for the faint of heart. Even at the hands of skilled aestheticians, injectors and nurse practitioners, these treatments can feel uncomfortable and intrusive, albeit temporarily. Usually, they are followed with topical application of a heavy medicinal lotion or serum that helps quell inflammation, irritation and discomfort. The next few hours or days are spent in partial isolation and mild pain as the skin recovers and the desired results are realized.

Most of us consider this “pain period” after injections a necessary evil; the price we pay for the face we want. We tend to pause our regular skin routine and favorite products until things return to normal. We don’t often think about luxurious, sensorial skincare when we are in need of repair and recovery.

At Viktor Michael, we believe that this entire experience must be reimagined. With the rise of injections (the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported a 40 percent increase in the number of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in 2022), we recognize the need to make the entire experience feel easier, more comfortable and like less of an interruption. With a deep understanding of the science behind skin recovery, we have developed products and protocols for the entire injection cycle, beginning days before the injection through post-treatment for continuous, uninterrupted support.

Below is a universal Viktor Michael protocol that supports skin through the 4 stages of the injection cycle.


3 days before your injection, we recommend incorporating Hidden Agenda Injection Care Serum into your AM and PM routine. On cleansed, toned skin, apply a dropperful of serum all over the face and neck, including around the lips. The enzymes and phytoactives found in our Injection Care Complex will help reduce inflammation and prepare the skin for the procedure. On the morning of the injection, the relaxing essential oil blend will help calm pre-injection jitters.

We also recommend taking some basic precautions, like avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen and alcohol, as these chemicals can increase the risk of bruising.


Immediately following any injection, we recommend icing the injection site. Depending on the type and location of the injection, bruising may occur. It’s not uncommon for the needle to accidentally puncture a blood vessel, especially in “areas with more dense or superficial blood vessels, such as around the mouth,” explains Calabasas-based injector Jasmine Khachatrian in Harper’s Bazaar article, The Expert Guide to Caring For Your Skin After Injections and Filler. While the pre-treatment of Hidden Agenda will help minimize bruising, redness and irritation,

we recommend another application a few hours after injection, and continual reapplication every 3-4 hours there after for the next 24 hours. Additionally, we suggest masking with Ciao For Now Injection Care Mask within 24 hours after injection. The mask’s cooling, calming relief further supports the reduction in inflammation, redness, swelling and irritation.

We also recommend reducing or avoiding intense exercise, extreme heat or any other activity that will open the blood vessels.


In the week following treatment, most patients return to normal with ease and resume their regular routine with their favorite products and treatments. We formulated Viktor Michael to integrate seamlessly into any skincare regimen to provide continual, targeted treatment benefits. Our serum and mask are formulated with conscious, clinically-proven ingredients that support skin renewal post-injection, as well as complimentary butters, oils, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and clays that support the skin barrier, help retain moisture and reveal a healthy looking glow.

For the 7-10 days post-procedure, we recommend continued use of Hidden Agenda Injection Care Serum daily, and Ciao For Now Injection Care Mask 2-3 times per week.


Because Viktor Michael is formulated as luxurious, sensorial skincare with deep treatment benefits, we recommend incorporating the serum and mask into your weekly routine between injections. The hydration-boosting, barrier-building benefits support and enhance skin health, and compliment other targeted skincare treatments. The Injection Care Complex helps keep inflammation at bay while rich, nourishing oils, clarifying clays and brightening extracts support ongoing radiance.

It’s time to redefine our relationship with “injection day” and post-injection “pain periods”, and elevate the process of recovery to an art form.