Good Looks Gone Bad

Current State of Injections - Good Looks Gone Bad

There is considerable controversy surrounding the nationwide obsession with "filler fatigue." This issue becomes glaringly apparent through the multitude of horror stories depicted in less-than-perfect after photos and celebrity news. The industry is currently in a frenzy, tirelessly searching for solutions that balance a minimalistic, natural looking enhancement while addressing the aftermath of negligent injections that have left a permanent and distorted mark on patients across the country. Numerous experts have voiced concerns against fillers, @beautybrokerofficial recently posted a topic on why they "chose to go "filler free" as a plastic surgery consultancy" firmly asserting fillers are a "disappointment in the realm of aesthetic procedures." Similarly, @shinobay recently posted his thoughts on cosmetic fillers, stating "individuals are seeking alternative rejuvenating treatments to combat over-filled and puffy face." Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera is also an active spokesperson for @sculptra and new to the market @Renuva, both offering alternative approach to volume loss.

While we shed light on the subject and refrain from completely advocating against cosmetic fillers, it's impossible to ignore the look everyone is trying to avoid and the aftermath of being over injected. Top that with recent coverage of filler migration, incorrect dosage, need we continue? Cosmetic fillers require a serious commitment, and without proper guidance, they hold the potential for lifelong damage. On the flip side, beautiful enhancement and astounding results can be achieved when cosmetic fillers are properly administered and managed over time. It is not a secret, that with so many options, finding a trustworthy provider is crucial, guiding you through options beyond the regular filler if necessary.

Given the variance in training, could the issue be at least partially attributed to quality consultation and consistency in the protocol of administering cosmetic fillers? Or is the medical aesthetics industry on the verge of a necessary "revolution," challenging established norms and demanding a new class of injectables? As consumers navigate a plethora of options in a world where everything undergoes a complete makeover, are we ready for a similar shift in the realm of injections? What do you think? Filler or no Filler? If you are a licensed injector, where do you stand?

Regardless of which side you take, if you choose to get injected, downtime is inevitable, even if minimal. In the category of post procedural care, Viktor Michael stands as a game-changer. Explore our collection by visiting our shop and discover how we redefine the experience of downtime associated with cosmetic injections.

Xoxo, Viktor Michael 

At Viktor Michael, our unwavering focus is on minimizing the downtime associated with cosmetic injections, regardless of your choice, leveraging decades of experience in the medical aesthetics business. We are revolutionizing the way people do downtime, asserting that there is a solution for all bruising and other post-injection aftermaths that goes beyond your average over-the-counter Arnica and an ice pack. Our founders bring decades of experience across a myriad of aesthetic modalities and injections.