Our Conscious Clinical Philosophy

Viktor Michael’s formulas are fueled by proprietary phytotechnology and conscious, skin restoring ingredients that are dermatologist-tested and proven to safely and effectively hasten post-injection restoration, setting a new standard in recovery care.

Proprietary Injection Care Complex®

Our proprietary, patent-pending complex contains potent fruit enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and phytoactives that have been proven to minimize the appearance of post-injection imperfections, reducing downtime by as much as 50%.

  • Arnica Montana

    The #1 recommended ingredient for wound repair, known to help reduce the appearance of bruising and swelling.

  • Bromelain

    An enzyme from pineapple known to reduce irritation. Along with Arnica Montana, it is the most often recommended ingredient for post-injection skin care.

  • Dragon's Blood

    A deep red resin from the sap of the Croton Lechleri tree, promotes healthy-looking skin.

  • Babassu Oil

    High in lauric and myristic acids, nourishes while moisturizing the skin.

Natural Oils and Minerals

Each formula features a base of soothing oils, minerals and clays, and fruit extracts to support the skin moisture barrier, healthy-looking hydration, and long-term skin glow.

Proprietary Soothing Blend

We infuse each product with our proprietary essential oil blend to promote relaxation and calm.


Our formulas have been reviewed and approved by a board-certified dermatologist.

Safe For All Skin Types

Each ingredient has been tested and approved for safety, quality and efficacy for all skin types.

Paraben and Gluten Free

We formulate without parabens and gluten.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Friendly

Our products are made without animal byproducts, and our formulas are never tested on animals.